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New Zealand Blog 6: I’m Going On Multiple Adventures

 Written by    May 31, 2018

Let’s talk ~Auckland Adventures~ – some of the highlights of mini trips here in New Zealand. (Imagine if Frodo wrote this blog. “Today, Gollum fell into the depths of Mordor with the one ring. I’m going to miss that little guy! And Gollum too!”)

I’m going to separate each of the four adventures by a character in “The Hobbit” or “Lord of the Rings” that I think would enjoy each activity.

Mount Eden – Aragorn

We hiked up and saw a great view of Auckland! I really struggled to get up the hill because we decided to take the adventurous side with no path! We got cheap and delicious dumplings after! Aragorn would like this because, you know, he’s a ranger and also who doesn’t like dumplings!

Davenport – Gandalf

We took the ferry to Davenport, hiked a little (my shoes got very muddy), got fish and chips, and explored. We saw a WWII historical lookout point and wandered around a little local bookshop. Gandalf would like it because he’s a books guy with an adventurous side!

Ponsonby – Pippin

We explored this cute center for food and shopping. Best part was going to a grocery store and trying a feijoa, a unique Kiwi fruit. I think Pippin would get a crack out of it and also eat a ton. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a pic.

Piha – Legolas

A black sand beach! We hiked up huge rock and got some good views. Side note: we almost got stranded there because it’s not tourist season and there’s hardly any public transportation that goes there. Still, super fun! Legolas would like it because my human eyes couldn’t see too far past the Tasman Sea, but his elf eyes would probably see wonders.

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