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Freshman Year Survival Tip #1: Essential Packing List

 Written by    June 7, 2018

If you’re about to enter your first year of college, you (like all of us older students once did) will probably find yourself wondering what to pack if you will be living in an on-campus residence hall.  Though every student will differ in packing needs and preferences, I’ve prepared a list of some items that I personally found very helpful throughout my first year here at OSU.

  1. 15 ft. phone charger – I especially found this helpful for my lofted bed, as I could still reach my charging phone while in bed.  But seriously, that charger reached all the way across the room — how awesome is that?!
  2. Snacks to keep in your room – I found myself occasionally wanting a midnight snack when Dining Services operations were closed for the evening, so these really helped me!  You may also want these as a quick bite to eat between classes if you don’t have time to stop and get food elsewhere.
  3. A printer – I didn’t print in my room very much, as the libraries on campus offer cheaper printing options than my own printer does, but there were a few times I ended up needing to “emergency print” either late at night or early in the morning; having a printer in my room allowed me to do so.  You’d be surprised how easy it is to finish a paper days in advance but forget that you need a hard copy until the night before it is due!
  4. Extra pens and pencils – I’m clumsy and I lose things all the time; this one is a necessity for people like me. 🙂
  5. Things that remind you of home – I guess this one is a little different for everybody, but personally, I found it very comforting to have a few sentimental items in my residence hall.  Transitioning to college is a big leap — you might want a personal item or two to cure occasional homesickness.

These are just my personal favorite items that I packed for freshman year.  If you’re really stumped on what to bring to OSU or you would like a more in-depth list, check out this detailed information (including a recommended packing list) provided by University Housing.


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