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5 things that are “worth it”

 Written by    June 7, 2018

Around summertime, especially if you’re an incoming freshman, you have a lot of emails coming in about a lot of decisions you need to make. What meal plan, where you’ll live, if you’ll life with someone you know, what classes to take, yada yada yada. It’s hard to decide what choices you should take a risk on, and with what choices you should just go the easiest route. Here are five decisions that are worth it—that being the extra time, money, or just in your general college experience.

The Scarlet 14 meal plan. My first year, I went with the cheap “unlimited” plan, thinking, hey, I get to save money and eat whenever I want! I can literally go to Scott every 20 minutes and pop in for a snack or a meal whenever!
I now know, as a college student, I have absolutely zero motivation to go somewhere when I’m hungry. Leaving my dorm is the least attractive thing I can do.
Plus, I thought eating at the same place every day wouldn’t bother me because it’s close and had so many options. But then, a few months in, Sloopy’s was sounding real good. And so were the marketplaces. and Oxley’s. And Woody’s. And every chocolate muffin I got at the terabyte cafe cost me my dining dollars.
In short, go with a meal plan that gives you swipes at more than just the traditional dining places. Have the freedom to get meals and snacks for later in the dorm when you won’t want to get up. Give yourself options; you’ll be grateful later.

Long days, rather than all days. My schedule for next semester is two days a week. You heard me; I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. But what does that cost me? My classes on those days are 8am to 7pm. That may sound like torture to some. But I absolutely love utilizing a full day for classes, getting a four day weekend for work and fun, and a break day in between my two class days to do work. I have a lot of freedom that you don’t get with classes 5 days a week. I even specifically chose my Gen Eds to be ones that fit with my schedule, rather than the ones I planned to take at the beginning of the year. Do a little manipulation, and, if you can, choose longer days rather than all days.

Superdouble rooms. I know a lot of people that compete for the brand-new fancy dorms on north, and look down upon us peasants in the old dorms. But I firmly believe that the older north dorms (that still have air conditioning, laundry rooms, study rooms and a lobby, by the way) are so worth it. Rather than living in one room crowded with you and someone else 24/7, the super doubles give you a bedroom, a study/social room, and a bathroom all to yourself. That way, you don’t have to be in a room with somebody else the whole time; you can have a little space, and can shower somewhere that you yourself have cleaned. 😉

Writing out notes. This one is a little different, but I know a lot of students buy a laptop solely for the purpose of bringing to class to take notes on. While a laptop is definitely a necessity in college, I recommend you take notes in a notebook instead. It’s been thoroughly tested and proven that you retain the information better when writing it by hand, and in my experience, it’s a lot easier and more fun to study with a notebook, rather than scrolling through pages of typed facts in a boring font.

Getting season tickets. I know, I know, some of you don’t like to watch football, some of you don’t see the necessity in attending every game. But once all your friends are living it up in the Shoe and you’re sitting in your dorm on your phone, you’ll change your mind. A big part of the culture at Ohio State is football. Do you realize how many people come from all over to go to the games when they never even went to this school? It’s such a fun and crazy environment that livens up your weekends and gives you something to look forward to while you work through your weeks. We have an absolutely incredible band to see, and being part of the traditions during and after the game (like wrapping your arms around the shoulders of strangers to sing Carmen Ohio together) really is a great feeling, like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

I was in marching band during high school, so I was at every football game, and I never cared enough to really pay attention to the team or even how the game works. Now, you can ask my family members; I go hard for football. The Buckeyes have changed me. I’m a fan. Buying those tickets was so worth it.

My boyfriend and I after we beat Penn State and everyone rushed the field

At College Gameday, which was so freakin’ cool and fun to be at

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