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The Lights Fest Columbus

 Written by    June 15, 2018

I saw an ad almost a year ago that The Lights was coming to Columbus β€” a festival where thousands of people release floating lanterns into the night sky.

If you know me even a little, you know I’m Disney-obsessed, and my all-time favorite Disney movie is Tangled.

So I got tickets. And I lived out my dream.

So, first of all, let me say that the cities they chose to have the event in aren’t theΒ actual cities they go to. It was called “The Lights Fest Columbus”, but it was actually in Waynesville at the Renaissance Fair grounds, about an hour away. It was a bit of a road trip, and the name was slightly misleading, but hey, I get it. It’s a safety hazard to actually do it in the city, and with the light pollution that comes with cities would have made it not as cool. So my boyfriend and I loaded up the car and drove down to the festival.

If it ever comes back here, please, please go. It is such a beautiful event, and there’s tons of food trucks and live performers and bounce houses to keep everyone entertained. Once the sun set, though, the 4-hour wait was absolutely worth it. Of course, I brought my camera, so check out what it looked like:



I mean, really. Can you imagine a cooler way to spend a Saturday night?

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