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Odd things no one tells you to bring to college

 Written by    July 17, 2018

Move-in is a month(ish) away. Are you ready? If you’re a freshman, you’re probably not. It’s okay. We’ve all been there.

There are tons of lists out there that assure you they tell you everything you need for college. Problem is, these lists suck. Thanks, we had no idea we needed a pillow and sheets.

So here are some items that you don’t really see on those lists, that you’ll probably end up wanting (or needing).

  • All your “kits” — sewing kit, tool kit, emergency kit, etc. I told my mom she was dumb for thinking I needed to bring a sewing kit to college. Then I spent all year going up to the next floor borrowing my friend’s. Sorry mom. I really did need a sewing kit.
  • Batteries, light bulbs, and all your replacement things. Walgreens is waiting for you to spend $20 on a single battery. Just bring that stuff from home to avoid the trip to the store and the price gouging.
  • A vacuum. Or a Swiffer, if you have hard floors. With the amount of traffic going in and out of what’s essentially a one-room apartment, it won’t take long for your floor to get gross. Girls have the problem of their hair getting everywhere: you’ll need to sweep every couple of weeks or you won’t be able to see your original rug.
  • Cables: coaxial, HDMI, etc. Luckily, even the old dorms have cable, so don’t forget a coaxial cord to plug your TV in. Unluckily, Fire Sticks and Chromecasts don’t. So if you wanna stream something, bring the right gear.
  • Sunscreen, bug spray, and all the closet “extras.” No, you’re not going on vacation, but yes, you’ll be going outside at some point. If you want to lay out and tan or play sand volleyball, you might want to think before you fry. And if you head out at night, bug spray can be a real lifesaver too.
  • Reusable water bottle. Every drinking fountain has a bottle filler, and the dining halls have those fancy Coke Freestyle machines. Basically: free drinks wherever you go if you remember to bring a reusable bottle. Plus you aren’t being wasteful. That’s pretty nice.

It goes without saying that this barely counts as a partial list. It serves mostly as a reminder for all the little things we use at home from time to time, that we don’t think of when we are packing to go live in a dorm. Next time you use something in your house, think if it is something necessary to have in a pinch or on occasion when you’re living on your own.

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