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Freshman Year Survival Tip #5: Take an Umbrella, Everywhere

 Written by    September 4, 2018

Is this tip inspired by a 25 minute walk across campus in the rain?  Yes; yes it is! However, the importance of such a seemingly simple piece of advice cannot be overstated.

At home, many of us are used to having cars to transport us from one place to another.  Even if you did not grow up in an area where driving is the most common method of transportation, almost all of us share the fact that high school classes are typically all in one building.  Therefore, most did not need to walk outside to travel between classes before college. As freshmen at Ohio State, though, the majority of us must walk nearly everywhere we go; even if utilizing the COTA or CABS busses, there is still a fair amount of outdoor walking involved in any commute.  Therefore, it is incredibly critical to be prepared for any weather scenario — ESPECIALLY rain!

Anybody who has lived in Ohio previously will know that the weather changes by the minute (quite literally).  Thus, if you leave your residence hall and the sun is shining bright, don’t be at all surprised if it starts raining before you even make it to class.  On multiple occasions, I’ve found myself getting completely soaked by the rain because I did not bring an umbrella with me; one time, the rain actually soaked completely through my bag and ruined my notebooks and papers (not a fun time).  So, my most important suggestion to new freshmen is to buy a small umbrella to be carried (perhaps in a book bag) at all times; you’ll thank me later! 🙂


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