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The old dorms on north campus are great, okay?

 Written by    September 4, 2018

When I tell people I live in one of the old dorms on north campus, I get a look.

When I then proceed to tell people that I wanted an old dorm, I get an even stranger look.

Truthfully, I think the old dorms of north campus—Barrett, Haverfield, Norton etc.—are the best dorms. They have the greatest setup on campus, they’re a nice size, and they have every amenity that the new buildings have. The most important thing that comes with an old dorm is the huge rooms.

Sure, you can choose to live in a normal room in another building, that’s just a bedroom and communal bathrooms, or you can live in a ~superdouble~. My room has a bedroom, a study room, and a bathroom all to itself; plenty of space to not feel squished or suffocated with your roommate, and a shower that you don’t have to wear shoes in. Here’s what my dorm looks like:

I have my own bed (not bunked, and not too tall for me to be able to get up on), my own bathroom, plenty of desk and sitting space, and plenty of room for all my entertainment stuff (a TV, DVD player, games, storage, etc.). All I’m saying is to give the old dorms a chance. Old doesn’t mean bad. It’s not like we don’t have air conditioning or electricity or something; we just don’t look as fancy as our newer counterparts. But I think our rooms have a lot more to offer than most people expect.

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