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MMC project group classes

 Written by    October 11, 2018

As a student in Media, Marketing and Communication Scholars (MMC), one of the main “career” components of the program is project group classes. Project group classes are taught by MMC upper-level students and meet once a week in Morrill Tower. 

They focus on learning a skill related to the media, marketing and communications industry. This semester, for example, project group topics include: 3D printing, WordPress, Photoshop, video production, public speaking and C++.

Many scholars programs have a weekly class during both fall and spring semesters, but one of the cool things about MMC is you get to choose what you want to learn. Project groups are 40 minutes long and span either seven or 14 weeks, depending on the amount of content an instructor plans to cover.

They aren’t like regular classes — they won’t affect your GPA, and you won’t have an excess of reading or homework. However, if you are an MMC student, participating in project groups help you earn “career points,” which you will gather throughout the semester to remain in good standing with the program.

Last year I took a project group class on InDesign and another on Illustrator. Learning these Adobe programs was super helpful, as I ended up using them a lot in my summer internship with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

This semester, I’m teaching a brand new project group called Professional Writing & Public Relations with my classmate Devon. We’ve built the content from the ground up and have considered what aspects of writing and PR that students might be most curious about. We plan to cover social media tactics, case studies on good/bad PR, and crisis communication.

MMC project group classes are super useful — I like them almost as much as I like avocado toast.  You can learn more about them (and maybe sign up to attend the one I’m teaching!) at mmcscholars.com.

This is right next to the MMC office, located at 330 Morrill Tower. (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)

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