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A New Way of Living

 Written by    September 4, 2018

As with most third-year Ohio State students, I am now in the beginning stages of living off campus for the first time in my college career, as I moved into a house with six of my best friends a few weeks ago. I knew there would be some changes in store after two years of living in campus housing: No front desk to provide me with various household items, no more walking by a study room and stopping by for an event and some free food, no more vaguely recognizing that guy who lives a floor above me. But now that I’ve been living in my house for almost two weeks, there are a few other things I realized I had taken for granted:

Having a nice big desk in my room right when I moved in was convenient, but this year I had to figure out my own way of getting space for my computer, binders, and rubber ducks.

The setup

Storage space
I also appreciated the built-in closets in Smith-Steeb and Park-Stradley that could hold most of my clothes, as well as bedding and laundry stuff. Fortunately, I’m in an attic with plenty of storage space, and my roommate brought a portable closet to hang our clothes.

Meal plan
Sad to say, the days of walking five minutes to Kennedy Commons and swiping in for an all-you-care-to-eat lunch are over. I’m now forced to fend for myself, armed only with an array of pastas, eggs, and frozen vegetables, as well as the Tapingo and UberEats apps.

With all that said, there is a lot of good change that comes with living with my friends. It’s nice to have a whole house to host people with, and living without RAs and building directors is what the “real world” is supposed to be like (or so they tell me.) I’m looking forward to the good times ahead in my junior year!

Photo credit goes to my sister Eliana, but indirect credit must be given to my mom for insisting that this picture be taken



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