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The Great Return of Pomerene Hall

 Written by    September 24, 2018

This past Sunday, I went to a building I had never previously explored at any time in the past two years. What’s more, this building was on south campus, just down the street from Smith-Steeb and Park-Stradley, where I lived for the last two years. How is this possible, you may ask? The historic Pomerene Hall has actually been closed since 2016 for renovations, and was just reopened to house the departments of data analytics and history of art, Mirror Lake Eatery, and several classrooms. I made the trek back to my old haunts to see what this building had in store now, and I was not disappointed.

There are several entrances to Pomerene Hall, but I went in the one closest to the South Oval, which has this cool¬†mural and a view of one of Pomerene’s many balconies.

In a nod to its place as one of Ohio State’s oldest buildings (built in 1922,) there’s an old-timey phone booth. It does not actually have a phone, but I guess you could still have a quiet space to call someone on your cell.

Or to quickly change into your superhero costume

Because Pomerene¬†was once the women’s student center, it had several recreational amenities, including a swimming pool and a basketball court on the top floor. The swimming pool was converted into several classrooms called “the classroom pool,” and the basketball court was converted into a study space (unfortunately locked when I went) that maintained the original hardwood floor.

Before leaving, I stopped at Mirror Lake Eatery, which has chicken tenders, fries and the best milkshakes on campus.

Longtime readers of my blog will recognize this pose as one I did with a UDF shake a while back. No sense in changing what already works




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