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The Columbus Water Lantern Festival

 Written by    October 11, 2018

Surprise, surprise: I went to another lantern festival. Shoutout to both Columbus for having so many and the invasive technology in my phone that knows what to advertise to me so I can live out my Tangled dreams.

This time, I took my lovely friend Rose and the festival actually took placeย in Columbus as advertised, along the Scioto river and across from COSI and Genoa Park.

We got there early in the evening, checked out the food trucks, set up our spot and then got to work decorating our lanterns. We both went with the very-fitting Disney theme.

Then, we just got to relax, pet some dogs, listen to music, and wait for the sun to set. There were a few activities for the kids and some more serious times, like when the emcee asked attendees to come up to tell what their lanterns symbolize. Some were messages of remembrance for lost loved ones, but some were happy โ€” especially the couple that got engaged on stage!

By sundown, we all lined up, went under the bridge, and set sail to our lanterns. Rose and I watched from under the bridge, on top of it, and back where we were originally sitting to get all the views. It was really beautiful to see everyone’s lanterns glowing on the water with their messages and drawings and tiny candles, and the music just set the mood for a beautiful night. Of course, theyย hadย to play “I See The Light” (which appeased me).

Columbus has some pretty cool events going on all the time; you just have to know where to look for them. Heck, I know there’s an upcoming macaroni and cheese festival that everyone’s excited about. There are always things to do and experience, and there are some pretty spectacular events for everyone’s likes and tastes. For me, that’s lanterns. For you, that may be something else. You just have to venture out into the city.

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