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You are What You Eat (Pt. II)

 Written by    October 24, 2018

Part of a series on eating on campus. Read part one.

Like most college students (and humans everywhere, let’s be honest), I love pizza. Unlike many college students, however, one of my main food groups is not pizza. I try to eat healthy.

But Ohio State provides the best of both worlds: mouth-watering, customizable and healthy (if you pick your toppings right!) pizza.

My absolute favorite place to eat on campus is the Marketplace on Neil, on south campus.

I didn’t discover this until the second semester of my freshmen year. Back then, when I was living in Morrill Tower, it was nearby. This year, while I’m living on north campus, Marketplace feels far, far away.

The saying goes, “you always want what you can’t have.” But here at Ohio State, it seems more like “you always want the food that is farthest away from you.”

But I’m always willing to make the trek for Marketplace pizza. Create your own, add as many toppings as possible, and it’s still just $7. Grab a fountain drink and you’re just over a swipe. Voila! The perfect economical meal.

Marketplace also has a sub station, an Asian fusion station, a top notch salad bar and a robust yogurt bar. But whenever I go to Marketplace, it’s because I’m hungry for pizza … so I have yet to try anything else. That’s how good it is!

Pro tip: Use Tapingo if you’re short on time because the pizzas have to bake in a wood-fire oven for about seven minutes. Definitely well worth the wait.

Of course, Adriatico’s across the street is a fierce competitor. But if I want a topping-loaded, personal-sized pizza that I can buy with a swipe or dining dollars, Marketplace is key.

My go-to is red sauce with spinach, fresh mozzarella, chicken, & tomato. (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)


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