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A Tasty Night

 Written by    November 14, 2018

I went to my first OUAB event of the year recently, and this one was different than any other one I had been to before. Claire King, the head chef for Buzzfeed’s Tasty came to talk about how she ended up working at Buzzfeed and how they make those super-fast cooking demonstrations that take over your Facebook feed.

When I got to the event, I was surprised to see it would be more than just a regular speaking event. There were round tables in the room with food and silverware at each place. It turned out that Claire would be doing a cooking demonstration for a few items that Tasty had made, and we all got to make and try our own creations! We had kale smoothies waiting for us, and we also decorated cupcakes and made a chicken wrap with buffalo sauce.

Eating this beautiful creation was difficult, but I managed

Claire was a really interesting and funny speaker. She talked about how she had come to love cooking while she was in college, and she also said that working at Buzzfeed made her realize how important presentation is for cooks and other restaurant workers. I always watched those Tasty videos with great interest (especially if I was hungry), but it was great to get an inside look at how they — and their food — are made.

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