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It’s official: I’m graduating early

 Written by    November 14, 2018

It’s time to celebrate.

My Honors Contract was accepted! This means that all my classes in past, present and future, as well as my character and academic standing, have been approved for me to graduate with Honors distinction. More importantly, I have enough credits and enough rigorous coursework to graduate a year early. I’m only a sophomore, and I get to graduate next year. How cool is that?

A lot of people are cautious in condoning my decision to graduate in three years. Many value “the college experience”, and don’t want me to miss out on part of “the four best years of my life”. I’ve even read an article on a news site that advised people to stay in college for five years. To those people, I say that it depends on what you value.

I don’t value the social culture of college as much as I value my education. I chose to value experience in the workplace. I chose to value what I view as my “adult” life, which is the beginning of my career, living in my own place, and eventually having a family of my own. I understand that college is a lot of fun, and I understand that many people want to hang onto that; but I absolutely disagree with the concept that college has to be the best years of your life. College is a setup for your future. It’s a foundation. I’ve just established my foundation in less time than others.

I also don’t think that graduating early is right for everyone. Some people need all four years to transition into the person they need to become. Some people value studying abroad, or taking a semester or two off for internships, or some other opportunity that can keep you from graduating in three years. I think those things are great! Personally, I’m just not the type to study abroad or choose other like opportunities. I just want to put everything I have into my education for the amount of time it takes and then start the rest of my life. And that just happens to save me a fourth of my total college payment.

Having my Honors Contract accepted is a huge weight off my shoulders. Now I know that I’m heading in the right direction, and if I stay on track, I’m going to reach my goals. It’s exciting to continue with the same academic rigor that I pursued in high school and graduate with honors (and hopefully summa cum laude as well). It feels good to know that everything I’ve been hoping for is possible, and more than that, it might just come to fruition in the next three semesters.

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