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AU18 Review of Major Classes

 Written by    December 14, 2018

Three semesters down and four to go! I took 17 credit hours this semester, so it was pretty crazy. I really enjoyed my Communication classes this semester; they helped confirm that strategic communication is the best major for me.

COMM 2367—Persuasive Communication with Kristie Sigler

I took this class as a major requirement, but there were also a lot of non-comm majors in the class because it counts as a second-level writing course. I would highly recommend taking this class with Kristie — she oversees all the sections of this class and compiled the textbook. One of my favorite professors!

In this class, you’ll be put into a group of about five people and spend the semester researching a particular problem in a particular region. My group, for example, researched the economy in the U.S. At the end of the semester you will give a final speech. It sounds challenging, but each of the assignments gradually build on one other.

You will learn a lot about persuasive communication theories in this class but also how to apply them to real-world situations. There are two exams, which you’ll take online (and Kristie will cancel class for that day) and one other mini speech. I would highly recommend reading the textbook.


COMM 2321—Writing for Strategic Communication with Mary Sterenberg

Mary is another one of my favorite professors — and the advisor for PRSSA, so I knew her before this class. She is awesome! This class was my favorite of this semester because it felt like the first class that practically applies and dives deeper into my major.

You’;l learn how to write for the media, broadcast and web. You’ll learn AP Style and write a feature article and a hard news story. There’s weekly quizzes over the textbook content — which is short and to the point — and one final online exam.

This class is great if you need writing samples! You will learn how to write a press release and create a media kit at the end of the semester, which encompasses everything you learn in the course. Mary teaches all about how journalism applies and relates to public relations.

The feature article I wrote in Mary’s class was published by The Lantern! (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)

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