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AU18 Review of Non-Major Classes

 Written by    December 14, 2018

If you’re a communication major, you should read my previous post. But if you’re curious about other classes, keep reading.

HUMNTR 2210—Human Nutrition online with Angela Collene

This semester I took my last science class ever, which I am thrilled about. I chose this class because I needed a biological science GE credit, and since I took 17 credit hours, I knew having an online class would help.

You have to buy the online textbook for this course because you’ll use LearnSmart for practice assignments and quizzes. I thought this was helpful since all the assignments were either in Carmen or the online textbook.

I liked taking a practical science because I learned a lot about nutrition and ways to stay fit and healthy. Each week we’d read a chapter (or sometimes two) of the textbook and complete LearnSmart activities. About every other week we’d have a quiz over one chapter. There were also online discussion activities and plenty of opportunities for extra credit.

We had five exams and the lowest was dropped, so I didn’t have to take the final (which was the fifth exam, not a comprehensive one over the entire semester). We took exams through Proctorio, an online testing software you use in Chrome, which records you with your computer camera as you take the exam in Carmen. This was really weird at first, but I got used to it, and it was better than having to go in and take an exam in person.


PSYCH 2300—Research Methods in Psychology with Seth Miller

I took this class for my psychology minor, but I chose Dr. Miller since I had him last semester for Psych 2220 (Data Analysis and Statistics in Psychology). Miller is an excellent professor and cares genuinely for all his students and wants them to learn. I would highly recommend him as an instructor!

This class was lecture format, with two exams and one final. I would recommend reading the textbook and showing up to class. Miller gives extra credit for attendance! We had some in-class review exercises at the end of chapters, which were helpful but not counted for a grade. Additionally we had 6 homework assignments to complete in Carmen.

We covered everything about research methods, including samples, surveys and ethics. While this class focused on methods of research, we learned about many interesting psych experiments as well.


Because an O-H-I-O photo is always fitting. Let’s go Bucks! (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)

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