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#Finalsszn Complaints and Study Suggestions

 Written by    December 14, 2018

I get annoyed during #finalsszn because the libraries are packed. I frequent the library just about every day of the semester — I have my routine; I have my favorite spots; I get in, do homework, get out. So when everyone decides they have to buckle down and study for a few days, I get frustrated that they’re taking up my spots. 

It’s like January at the RPAC when people decide to make a New Year’s Resolution or two and suddenly the RPAC is packed, and I’m having to fight someone over an elliptical. December or February? No problem at all, but January is a hot mess at the gym.

People also seem to forget about library rules during #finalsszn. Mostly I mean the most general and basic rule of any library around the world: NO TALKING. You’d think this would be especially obvious during finals, but apparently not. The only thing that bothers me more than a crowded library is a noisy one.

So if you’re anything like me — a cynical, high-maintenance library snob — you’ll steer clear of Thompson and the 18th Avenue Library come finals. But then where do you go?

If you’re like me, you might try and study in your dorm. This is always a bad idea, or at least it never works for me. This #finalsszn I have had luck finding random, open, empty rooms in the Ohio Union. I won’t disclose which ones because I don’t want the Union to become a zoo like the libraries.

I’m not sure if students know that they’re allowed to go into a room and use it to study if it’s unlocked. But, yes, this is totally allowed. If the Union needs the room for an event, they’ll kick you out. Not that big of a deal. My dad says that if you look like you know where you’re going and what you’re doing, no one will question you.

So that’s where I’ve been this #finalsszn, and I can say I’ve been quite productive. The Union is also a great spot because when you get hungry or need a little break you can run downstairs and grab food from the market.

P.S. Sorry if I offended you by calling you out for holing up in the library or making too much noise. It’s okay. We all do it. Best of luck on your finals.

Can you guess which room this is? (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)

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