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You can RESERVE a study room?

 Written by    December 14, 2018

In today’s edition of Things I Should Have Realized Before Now: you can reserve a study room at any campus library at any time, including finals week.

I didn’t know about this until a friend texted me and said she reserved a study room for our friend group during finals week. I’ve always avoided going to the libraries during finals because I know they’re packed, and I don’t want to wander around for a half hour looking for a study space and never finding one. That’s what makes reserving a room so awesome. It’s free, you can make reservations a week in advance (or the day of, if you’re that kind of person), and you can reserve them hours at a time. Plus, they have different sizes, so whether you just want a quiet room to yourself or you want to have a full review session with 10 people from chem lecture, you can. It’s awesome.

If you’re looking to reserve a room, head here. It’s a super simple process, and you can do it as early or last minute as suits you. Our room was on the 4th floor of 18th avenue library; it’s a silent floor, which is super nice so you aren’t distracted by noise, but all the study rooms are behind doors so you can talk to your study buddies too. Plus, I personally found the view of the Quadrangle in front of Denney Hall nice to look out at. Studying in a windowed room really helps keep you from getting bored and distracted.

As always, proceed with caution when considering getting a study room with friends. I know a lot of people that get a “study group” together and just talk, complain, and fool around the whole time. That can be nice to get a break from the monotony of studying and working hard, but there’s no reason to waste your time when it would be a lot better used with your nose in a textbook. Make sure the friends you get a study room with are just as intent on studying as you are (which, thankfully, was my case). Find a study spot, study hard, and kill your exams. It’s as simple as that.

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