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Semester Goals (Why I’m Starting Protein Powder)

 Written by    January 7, 2019

It’s second semester junior year, ladies! I’m back from India (hot, good food, people asked me if I was getting married). I spent a blur of a first semester going to the Clinton Global Initiative, Chicago through the Honors Cohort program, and D.C. for Buckeye Leadership Fellows (expect, at some point, a deep dive on all those different programs for all of you trying to apply), and have already been ridiculed – on Snapchat, nonetheless – for my run-on sentences. Well, me and my long sentences are back, and today I’m sharing with you all my semester goals. To keep me #accountable.

Maybe it’s because I’m way more weirdly superstitious than I’d like to be, but I usually make New Years’ Resolutions and have some kinda strange rules about the New Year, then forget about them. (Example of strange rule: I only change my hair part once a year. From left to right or right to left on New Years’ Day.)

I don’t make SMART goals either. I am not a spreadsheet, nor am I trying to blend work into my everyday life. Here are my semester goals, and what I’m doing to achieve them. I’ll preface each of them with a struggle I’ve had as well. Hopefully they inspire you to take some similar steps here at “Go Bucks” University.

  1. You may have noticed the long months between my blogs. I also don’t write “casually” anymore, ever. Surprise, surprise: setting expectations too high is a common theme in my life. I push myself for perfection and end up doing nothing at all. I do this with business, too. I feel like I have too many expectations on me, so I slowly move away and draw into myself, cautious of breaking the perfection of a few pieces I highlight and forgetting how hard I worked to make them good. I hate it when I realize I am a textbook case.My freshman year of college, I volunteered at a local high school through an organization called Students for Educational Equity. One of my friends who volunteered with me then shared with the students this Audre Lorde quote: “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” This is a quote I’ve been coming back to. I’ve been circling back to this quote these past few months. I believe my writing can shed some light on personal topics for people; I believe my work in business will truly create a more equitable society (there’s another potential idea for a blog). When I think of that – of the bigger picture – it’s less important if I’m failing some arbitrary expectations I’ve set in my own mind based on nothing but whims and highlight reels of my past work. A few concrete steps I’m taking…
  • My minor in English stops in five classes, but I am not! I cut down on extra curriculars this semester and added two English classes – an intro poetry workshop and a 19th century British novel class.
  • Cutting down on extra curriculars means making more time to study for business classes. This means getting As and reading newsletters every day!! Leggo.
  1. Living healthier. My mother has ridiculed me for this. I tend work out quite a bit; I eat super healthy (grapes and spaghetti squash). But I also tend to slack on working out, especially since moving off campus; I also binge-eat unhealthy food during stressful times because I never buy my own unhealthy food normally, then crave it. Here’s what I’m doing.
  • Scheduled time into my MWF mornings for group fitness classes, for which my friends and I have set a group schedule to keep accountable. See ya at TRX!
  • Lucky’s is a local grocery store close to my apartment on north campus. It’s definitely into the ~organic~ trend, and the 2 COTA bus will takes me straight there, even without a car. No more excuses for not eating healthy!

Let’s make 2019 our year of taking random classes unaligned with our major and conquering our fear of those people who go to 8 am workout classes and finish with protein shakes, and instead become one of them. Happy New Year!

My ardent fans cheering on me as I better myself


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