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My First Rec. Fitness Class

 Written by    January 15, 2019

I hate going to the gym. Walking in the doors gives me anxiety; so many things are happening, everybody is working hard, and they can all tell that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m told over and over that no one cares what other people do at the gym, but I always feel like everyone is looking at me. I’m uncomfortable for the whole 20 minutes I last in there before I can’t take it anymore.

But, I’m basic and decided I want to live ~healthier~ in the new year. You know, exercising, eating less desserts, taking mental health time, all of that good stuff. But that meant I had to go to the dreaded gym.

I already go climbing every week at the ARC, but exercising once a week isn’t really peak fitness, and it’s hard to improve when I’m not getting stronger very quickly. So a friend of mine and I decided that we would start attending group fitness classes at least once a week as well.

Of course, I was very anxious heading to class. The RPAC was packed, and I didn’t know how group fitness classes worked; it seemed like it would just amplify my fear of people looking at my failures, since we are all supposed to do the same thing. We started off our rec class journey easy and attended Stress Relief Yoga.

To my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Everyone kept to themselves and followed the instructor at their own speed or interpretation, and the way the class was led felt really professional. I’m not flexible whatsoever, but it felt good to really stretch out my muscles and move in ways I normally don’t. The atmosphere was relaxing, there was calming music in the background, and it gave me time to just get away from the hustle and bustle of college for awhile and put my mind into something else.

I would highly recommend attending a rec class if you’re looking to get fit, de-stress, or just change it up. There are classes from 6am to 9pm throughout the week, so there’s something for every schedule (the weekly rec class calendar can be foundย here.) I would also recommend going with a friend if you were apprehensive like me. I felt much better about being at the right place, making any mistakes, or just being around other people when I have a familiar face next to me. I’m excited to branch out and do new classes as well: besides Stress Relief Yoga, Zumba, cycling, strength training, and kickboxing all sound super fun to me. I’m glad I’ve found a way to exercise that suits my wants and needs (and that’s completely free and first-come first-serve for students!).

An RPAC TRX rec class. (photo by: Laura Peshek/ Ohio State University, Office of Student Life)

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