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Two Thumbs up for Poke Bros

 Written by    January 29, 2019

Living off campus, I spend a lot of time scouting out the best places to eat on High Street when I don’t feel like cooking for myself. Earlier this month, searching for good food became a little bit easier when Poke Bros opened across from north campus, enabling me to walk to the restaurant pretty much in a straight line from my house. Although there were already several locations open in Columbus, I had never heard of Poke Bros, nor was I entirely sure what poké was or how it was pronounced (it’s poh-kay). I checked out the menu online beforehand, and found that Poke Bros had made-to-order poké (cubed raw fish with rice and veggies) and ramen bowls, as well as a series of “signature bowls.” With this knowledge in hand, I made the short walk to Poke Bros last Saturday night with high hopes and an empty stomach.

When I got to the restaurant, there were several tables already taken, but it was not too crowded—hopefully a good sign. I ordered a custom poké bowl with marinated tuna, salmon, corn, onions and cucumber, topped with a citrus-y sauce called ponzu and crushed cashews. To put it succinctly, Poke Bros did not disappoint my eager appetite. I had never had marinated tuna before, but I found it went really well with the salmon and vegetables. I managed to calm myself down enough to save half of it to enjoy for lunch the next day, and Sunday Aaron was quite pleased with Saturday Aaron’s decision to do so. My favorite High Street restaurant has been Bibibop—another fast casual Asian place—since I first went there my freshman year, but I think my stomach will gladly be able to make room for its new competitor.

The phone (and blog) eat first.


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