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The Unexpected Weekend

 Written by    February 5, 2019

My parents, both Ohio State alumni, have about 10 years between them of going to Ohio State. Yet, throughout those years, neither of them ever had school called off on account of weather. There were no snow days for college students when they went here, and cold days weren’t even a thing back then. So imagine my surprise last Tuesday when I received an alert on my phone’s Ohio State app that said all classes were cancelled the following day.

On Wednesday, January 30, all classes were cancelled on the Columbus campus due to extreme cold. (Photo Credit: News.osu.edu)

After the initial euphoria wore off, I thought about what this meant. If the entire campus was down for the day, what exactly could I do? The alert on my app contained a link to emergency.osu.edu, so I decided to go there. Although it’s probably been wiped blank by now, it contained all the information I needed to get through the day off, including a list of campus facilities that were still operational.

I paid no attention to the academic facilities (i.e. the libraries) because I had no intention of going anywhere that I absolutely didn’t have to go to. In terms of food, I was all set; the three main dining halls on campus were still open, so I simply went there for my meals. It was obviously much more crowded than usual, with the halls being the biggest remaining dining facilities, but the whole affair went surprisingly smoothly. Apart from that, my first school cancellation as a Buckeye was largely uneventful – just like I wanted it to be.

Then, to put the cherry on top, classes were cancelled for the next morning as well for the same reason. That left only a lecture at 12:40 for my day, and the professor ending up cancelling even that, too; some of the students got off lecture on the 30th, so it was only fair that students on the 31st also got off. Now I had the exact same scenario play out on Thursday, except now everything was operational and there was much less traffic to deal with in the dining halls. Then, to wrap it up, I spent my evening doing homework for class the next day. It was the probably the only time in my life where I didn’t look forward to school on a Friday.

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