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Restaurant Reviews, Part 2: Rush Bowls

 Written by    February 6, 2019

For a long time, the partĀ of Lane Avenue that represented Ohio State’s northern border stretching from High Street to the Schottenstein Arena didn’t have much new to offer students. Stores, restaurants, and housing had been in the same spot for a long time without change, but in the last few years Lane saw some new life with the addition of new apartment complexes and this year, an innovative restaurant called Rush Bowls. Rush Bowls makes smoothies and “anytime bowls,” which mostly contain a variety of fruits and frozen yogurt. Since I already have housing for next year, I had no need to check out the new apartments, but I eagerly made the five-minute walk to Rush Bowls after I was done with classes last Friday (being right across from the business school is a big perk).

When I first walked in to Rush Bowls, I instantly realized why it had “Rush” in the name. There was only one counter for sitting and eating in the store itself. Still, the small size and compactness of the bowls made them easy for me to find a spot on campus to sit down and enjoy my peanut butter and jelly bowl. Although I was a little worried that they overfilled the bowl and I would make a mess, after just a little bit of stirring I was able to eat my bowl worry-free. Rush Bowls seems like a great, new alternative to a frozen yogurt place, which were popular just a few years ago but seem to have been forgotten about more recently. At 8 dollars for a bowl, the price was a little steep for my tastes, but Rush Bowls will make a great occasional treat when I want to congratulate myself for getting through a tough exam or just need a boost of energy to finish out the day.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Bowl sits on the counter, looking delicious with a hint of confusion.

If you took a PB&J, blended it, and froze it, it just might taste a little like this.

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