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Taking 3-Hour-Long Classes

 Written by    February 11, 2019

I’ve talked about my schedule before in past blog posts (like this one) and how I prioritize scheduling days off in order to get classwork done and complete work for my job. This semester, I have Mondays off, with only one class on Wednesdays and Fridays.

But I could only do this by taking 3 classes that meet once a week. For 3 hours.

No, I’m not just saying they’re 3 credit hours (which they are); I’m saying that I sit in class for three whole hours talking about one topic. They aren’t labs. They’re English classes.

When I first formed my schedule, Those classes looked really daunting on paper. My friends said they’d take going to class 5 days a week over having unusually long 1-day-a-week classes. I thought I made a huge mistake.

Plot twist: I’m really enjoying them.

The classes are taught by professors I’ve had in the past and really enjoy, and they do a great job of making the class seem like it’s only an hour long. The discussions guide themselves, and we don’t feel rushed for time; everyone has a chance to say practically everything on their minds about the given topic. My literary publishing professor brings in a speaker almost every week to talk about the publishing business, and we get a chance to ask questions and voice our concerns for hours at a time to someone who has years of experience in the field. My fiction professor gives us a half an hour to an hour to write at the end of every class; he writes, too, and he stays there in case we have any questions of anything we want to talk to him about. The length of my classes is actually . . . enjoyable.

Another perk of having long classes once a week is I have plenty of time to do my homework. I can break up every assignment into six tiny pieces and get them done in no rush. Plus, with such a long stretch between classes and the same amount of homework, I’ve found I have a lot more free time to hang out with friends, take new rec classes at the gym, and work on my own creative writing.

I think I’ve found my ideal class schedule, and somehow, it includes classes that are 3 hours long. Maybe class length just doesn’t matter when you have engaging and friendly professors.

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