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TEDx Ohio State

 Written by    February 26, 2019

Did you know that mosquito saliva has a numbing effect, which is why you don’t notice when you’re bitten? Neither did I … until I heard Dr. Bharat Bhushan speak about bio-mimicry on Saturday.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend TEDxOhioStateUniversity, where thirteen members of the Ohio State/Columbus community gave talks about a variety of topics. The mission of TED is to profligate ideas worth spreading. TEDxOhioStateUniversity is an independently organized TED event originally founded in 2011. Each year a group of undergraduate students work to put on the entire event.

Two of my friends were on the TEDx team this year, so it was great seeing their hard work finally come to fruition. Some of my favorite speakers of the day include: 

Harley Blakeman, who spoke about how what it took for him to turn his life after prison. He now works to help others through the founding of HonestJobs.co.

Sabrina Ali Jamal-Eddine, who delivered a powerful spoken-word poem about her life as an Arab American. Sabrina challenged the audience to step into the shoes of others and she received a standing ovation for her performance.

Forrest Schoessow, with a fitting first name, who spent three months canoeing down the entire Mississippi River with two of his buddies. He talked about the differences in the lower and upper regions of the Mississippi and how the river impacts the lives of the people who live there.

I attended the TEDx program for the first time last year and enjoyed this year as well. Each of the speakers delivered an exceptionally interesting talk. I’d highly encourage you to go if you’re at all interested in watching TED talks, spreading ideas or learning something new. 

Check out the TEDxOhioStateUniversity website for more information and to see other events offered throughout the year.


picture credit: https://tedxohiostateu.wixsite.com/tedxohiostateu/2019

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