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The STEP Expo

 Written by    March 5, 2019

Two weeks ago I completed a project that had been ongoing for the last year and a half. I’m talking about the Second-year Transformation Experience Program (STEP) project, which gives Ohio State sophomores an opportunity to pursue internships, study abroad programs and leadership or community and service projects. During sophomore year STEP participants go to weekly meetings to discuss their career paths and identities. They also attend a STEP Expo to hear how older students have chosen to use their STEP funding. At the end of the year, we decide on a project that we put into action over the next two years. I chose to attend the Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona this past October, and I presented about this project to faculty and students at the Ohio Union.


Detail; Aaron’s STEP Poster (2019, colorized); Microsoft PowerPoint

To prepare for the expo, I had to put together my poster for display. I tried to get an equal amount of text and pictures and make it look visually appealing so that even students who were not interested in going to a similar conference would still see some sort of leadership project as a potential option. The highlight of making the poster was definitely going to Thompson Library and using the massive poster printer to print it out.

At the expo itself, I got the chance to talk to a few students about the benefits of going to a weekend-long conference and what I gained by meeting people from all over the country who were involved in JNF. I also got to hear about the projects of the other STEP Expo presenters, including someone who interned just 5 minutes from my house in Cleveland. I even caught up with my STEP advisor and spoke with a few other faculty members who were interested in the various ways students were taking advantage of the STEP program. At the end , I rolled up my big poster and walked out of the Union, happy to be done with STEP and satisfied that it had all gone successfully, including the Expo.


Had to take this selfie surreptitiously but it came out ok.

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