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 Written by    March 18, 2019

I have watched a lot of golf on TV through the years, but other than one time as a camp counselor a few years back, I had never actually tried out my own skills on a driving range. You might think that the cold Ohio winters and springs would make it hard for that to change, but Topgolf has a solution to that problem. Their driving range is open air but heated, and guests can sit on couches and enjoy dinner and snacks while they wait their turn. On Wednesdays, Topgolf offers discounted prices for college students, and since it’s only 15 minutes away in the Polaris plaza, my friends (most of whom played a lot of golf growing up) thought it would be a fun outing.

A model from Topgolf’s website of what one of their typical courses looks like. If you squint, it looks a little like the training on Wii Golf. Picture: https://topgolf.com/us/

At Topgolf, you can choose from a variety of games to play with your group, with a computer keeping track of and displaying the score, like at a bowling alley. We played two games where each person hits 20 balls aiming for targets worth different amount of points (see above). My only goal for the night was to not finish last at least once, and I am happy to say that I achieved that goal, finishing a strong second-to-last by just a few points. I also improved my swing a lot with the help of my friends (who also got a few good laughs at my first few hopeless attempts at hitting the ball more than 10 feet.) While I certainly don’t expect to improve dramatically, I would definitely go back to Topgolf and try out some more games and pretend that it’s a warm summer day.

Thanks to my friend Harrison for capturing my impeccable form. No, the ball did not go too far.


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