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WELD Keynote Speaker, Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO of Chase Bank

 Written by    March 26, 2019

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a Women for Economic and Leadership Development event downtown, where Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO of Chase Bank,  spoke.

Thasunda, known by most as “T,” spoke about her childhood and the hard work she’s put forth to get to where she is today. T shared how she diversifies her life portfolio by spending time on the things that matter to her most: work, family, travel and philanthropy.

She shared photos of her family and talked about how she and her husband fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams: to adopt. Her adopted daughter Mackenzie is the family’s “cherry on top.”

T said her mission is to inspire people, which is the real reason she became CEO of Chase Bank. It was the next logical step in her journey to inspire. For this reason, T said she doesn’t “own” her title but rather “rents” it.

She concluded by challenging the audience to think about three questions: What is your purpose? Are you aiming high enough to what matters to you? What’s your why?

T was an amazing speaker, and the event was very well done. I was invited to this event by my mentor who works for Fisher Center for Operational Excellence, who was a table sponsor.

One of my professors likes to say, “Your network is your net worth.” I can attest to this after attending the WELD event. You never know what opportunities your connections may be able to present to you, and I was grateful my mentor reached out and invited me.

Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO of Chase Bank (PHOTO BY KAPCAR).

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