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Secrets of Thompson Library (Pt. I)

 Written by    April 15, 2019

Did you know that you can get a Columbus Metropolitan Library card in less than five minutes without even leaving campus? Neither did I.

But you can if you go to the circulation desk on the first floor of Thompson Library (if you’re entering from the East turn left right after you rub William Oxley Thompson’s head). Ask one of the library assistants to help you at the circulation desk. They’ll give you a half sheet form to fill out, enter you into the system and hand you a library card within minutes.

What on earth would I ever do with a Columbus Metropolitan Library card? I don’t have time to COTA down High Street to the branch by Kroger. Neither do I.

But you can check out books housed within Thompson — also on the first floor near the circulation desk— on loan from the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

When would I ever have time to read a book for fun during college? I didn’t have the answer to this question either until spring break. For some reason work for my classes has slowed down (or maybe I have extra time on my hands because I’m not spending hours every day searching for an internship), but I’m taking full advantage.

So far I’ve read Big Little Lies (5/10); The Language of Flowers (9.5/10); Where’d You Go, Bernadette (8/10); and My Sister’s Keeper (6/10) all since the start of spring break. 

With my brand-spanking-new library card (which can be yours, too, for $0!) I just checked out Joyland by Stephen King. I haven’t read Stephen King before, except for his book On Writing.

I love that a university like Ohio State has these specific (and somewhat random) resources easily accessible for students. Big school for the win. Go Books! Go Bucks!

Literally takes less than 5 minutes. (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)

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