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How I Still Get 8 Hours of Sleep in College

 Written by    April 15, 2019

Finals are upon us. Take care of yourself.

I’m kind of known for being a grandma: I have a bedtime. At 9:30. I don’t like staying up, and I don’t like going through life tired, especially in school. I want to be able to do my best work, to pay attention, and most of all, to feel healthy.

Sleep isn’t for the weak; I think you know that by now. So, as things get (more) chaotic, here are a couple ways you can make sure you get 8 hours a night, too.

  1. Get your priorities straight. If you want to have enough sleep, you need to make it a priority. You’re probably going to have to make sacrifices; you’ll be invited out for food or fun late at night, your friends will be up playing games, you’ll be mid-binge of your favorite show. Setting a hard bedtime is difficult, but you have to decide to make it your priority. Realize how much better you’ll feel if you let your body relax than if you make a choice that won’t pay off in the morning.
  2. Stop wasting time during the day. You might think you’ve been super productive, but have you checked your screen time tracker on your phone? You may be surprised to find you’ve spent hours on your phone throughout the day, scrolling through Twitter and Reddit and playing mindless games. There is so much wasted time that you can utilize throughout the day so you don’t have to stay up late so often. Get your readings done while eating lunch or dinner. Solve your linear algebra problems in the time that you sit waiting on a class to begin. If you’re prone to distraction, use screen time limits on your phone and website blockers on your laptop. Minutes add up; make them count. You’ll thank yourself.

  1. Stick to a consistent schedule. Yes, I really do go to bed early on weekends, too. I don’t hold myself to it every night, because there will always be events on Friday and Saturday nights that I don’t want to miss, but if I’m having a night in or it’s a Sunday, I stick to my schedule. That way, my body comes to expect it, and I have an easier time allowing myself to put down whatever I’m doing and get some shuteye.
  2. Get better quality sleep, too. If you aren’t falling asleep in under an hour or you’re waking up half a dozen times a night, penciling in 8 hours to sleep doesn’t really help. Find a solution that works for you. Personally, melatonin has been my lifesaver; I used to lie awake for hours before I started using it, which was infuriating. If possible, have lights off and sounds silenced, read until you’re drowsy, or do some calming activity to unwind. Your phone should also be far away from your bed—we all know that blue light does a great job at keeping you awake, and I know quite a few people who have gotten into the habit of scrolling for hours before they fall asleep. (Or waking up in the middle of the night and checking social media!)

Sleep isn’t really something people give advice about in college. After all, you’re supposed to be an adult by now, you should know this. But sometimes you just need a little reminder and a push in the right direction.

Get some rest, Buckeyes, and get out there and kill those finals.

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