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Learning to strategize and communicate

 Written by    April 22, 2019

Strategic Communication Principles with Dr. Olga Kamenchuk (Communication 2231) was probably my favorite class this semester. It was the first course that helped me specifically answer, “What is strategic communication?” 

We covered the fundamentals of how marketing, branding, advertising, communication, public relations (PR) and strategy all come together to form integrated marketing communications. We learned about the entire promotional mix, how each part is integrated with every other and how these functions serve the overall company or brand. Studying best and worst practices, we learned from current and real life advertising and social media campaigns.

Dr. K is a great lecturer and with a significant international industry background. She has a PhD in psychology and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at universities in Austria, Germany, Italy and Russia and the United States. She’s done public opinion research and continues to consult for organizations like the World Bank, United Nations, Cambridge University, Bloomberg and Reuters. She brings a wealth of knowledge and engaging real world experience to the classroom.

Dr. K would present content for each section using PowerPoint and post the slides after lecture. I followed along, taking notes during our class, which was 9:35-10:55 a.m. each Tuesday and Thursday.

I bought the textbook via a Facebook group. Reading and taking notes throughout the semester prepared me well for the exams. We had three exams and one final, but Dr. K takes the best three out of four scores, so I didn’t have to worry about the final.

We wrote two papers — you had the option to work with a partner on these— and had four “Documentary Thursdays.” Instead of class we’d watch a documentary, participate in an online discussion and take a short quiz. All of the documentaries were interesting and applied to the class content.

Dr. K offers three points of extra credit if you participate in the CREP program, which is standard for communication classes. It’s both helpful and interesting to participate in research studies and can be a great grade boost at the end of the semester.

I enjoyed this course primarily because of the professor and the content. It’s a required course for the strategic communication major but counts as a general education (GE) course for social science. I would highly recommend this course even for someone not majoring in communication.

Buying your textbook via Facebook means that previous students can help you save a lot of money while making some themselves! (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)

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