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Sophomore year: Class reviews, part 1

 Written by    April 29, 2019

It may be finals week for most people, but I’m at home kicking off my summer!

I got lucky and landed a full semester of classes with no final exams. I have a lot of friends that are bitter about that, but to be fair, I did have two final portfolios, three final projects and two final presentations. So I did have finals, just not on finals week.

That said, all my classwork is officially turned in and I have a full perspective on all my classes. Here are my thoughts on my fall semester:

Classics 2220H: Classical Mythology

If you’re an Honors student in need of a GE, I’d definitely recommend the Honors section of this course. I had friends taking the same class with the same professor in a regular section, and they had a giant lecture with hundreds of students. My class had about 15. I really enjoyed the structure of this course; we focused on reading the entire of Homer’s Odyssey and Epic, so we really got to dive deep into the structure, motifs and hidden gems throughout. And, of course, as an English major, I was right at home writing responses to a classic piece of literature.

English 2265: Introductory Fiction Writing

My first ever creative writing workshop! It was definitely a great place to start in figuring out how workshop classes work, as well as their value. Sharing 15 pages of my writing with an entire room of people ready to critique it was definitely anxiety-inducing, but the professor always divided the time equally between what was “working” in the story and “what we wanted more from,” so it felt less like a blow to my ability as a writer and more like a much-needed knock to my ego.

English 2266: Introductory Poetry Writing

Another great introduction to workshopping. In this course, I had 4 pieces workshopped throughout the semester rather than just one, as poem take up less pages than short stories. Again, classmates were always courteous and supportive, and the workshop environment created a nice little family. The intermixing of reading professional poetry and my classmates’ poetry was also great to broaden my horizons and understand what makes a poem strong.

Psychology 3340H: Lifespan Development

I took this as a GE credit while the rest of the class took it as a psychology major requirement, so I definitely felt a bit out of place. That said, I enjoyed this course more than I thought I would. There was a lot of biology intermixed with psychology, since it tracked the human life from conception to death. It was definitely different than most psychology classes, and I appreciated the variety it added to my schedule.

Sociology 3463H: Social Stratification of Race, Class and Gender

This . . . was a doozy. I read some pessimistic reviews heading in, and I wouldn’t say they’re unwarranted, as the class was one of the most challenging I’ve taken at Ohio State. But I truly did enjoy the content and everything I came away with from the class. Dr. Long did really care for his students and our success; he was a really genuine person and passionate about the course. I think the payoff is worth the battle. We all need a bit of a challenge now and then.

My spring semester classes will be covered in Part 2 of this post to round out my sophomore/junior year (or however you want to define a 3-year college career).

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