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The finals countdown

 Written by    May 24, 2019

As each semester comes to a close at Ohio State, we all go through another repetition of the dreaded finals week. Fortunately for me, I took my last final yesterday, so this very “special” time of the school year has come to an end. As I look back on the events that led up to it, here is what I have noticed:

It feels more like a finals month. Finals week is the week that we all take the actual finals, but the actual preparation takes much longer. My first class that gave out a final study guide did so at least four weeks in advance of the actual test date, and the others weren’t too far behind. I’m not saying you have to sequester yourself in the library after classes end each day, but if your professors feel that it’s wise to start studying that far in advance, it’s probably because they expect it to be difficult for a majority of the students. Studying for a test weeks in advance definitely feels weird, but just a little memorization a day means less information you have to absorb when you cram.

Some finals aren’t actually that big of a deal. Back in high school, every final exam mattered. Every last one of them counted for a significant portion of your grade. Here at Ohio State, that isn’t always the case. I’ve had classes where the final exam is worth about as many points as the other assignments. Some classes don’t even have finals; instead, they’ll give out a “final project” or “final paper,” both of which are generally handed out extremely early in the semester, making them that much more manageable.

Finals week is inevitable. Studying for so many important exams at once is no small feat and is most definitely exhausting. There were times when I simply didn’t study because it just seemed so insurmountable. How could I possibly relearn / memorize all this information in such a short time? However, whenever I thought like this, I also came to realize that such thinking was futile.

Finals week is inevitable; those tests are going to happen, whether we like it or not. We are therefore left with a choice: we can either shut down, barely study, and go into the finals not knowing much of anything, or we can step up, get ourselves back on track, and have at least a fighting chance when the day finally comes.

An accurate portrayal. Photo Credit: Me.me

As for me, I would rather be prepared when my finals finally came around, so the thought of the finals’ inevitability was usually all it took to get me to continue studying. I get that it’s a rather bleak way to motivate oneself, but it worked; although I didn’t know what grade I’d get, I ended up feeling confident in my answers after the tests completed.

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