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A room of my own

 Written by    September 18, 2019

After spending the first three years of college living with a roommate, I finally moved into a room that was mine and mine alone. Last year, there were seven people living in my six-bedroom house, and I lived in the attic with one of my housemates. While there was plenty of space and Jake and I got along well,  I was eager to move one floor down into the room of one our housemates who was moving out.

I spent the first couple hours after getting to Columbus moving my bed, clothes, and shelves from the attic to my new room. Once that was done, I got to work on decorating. I ordered a few posters (like the Obama one pictured below) and brought down some classics I’ve had all four years of college. I also realized that, unlike my three previous rooms, this one did not have a mirror attached to the wall. Amazon soon had a solution for that, and now I can give myself a nice look-over every day before leaving for class. It’s certainly nice having space to myself. While I’ was lucky to have three great roommates, nothing beats a room of my own.



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