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Light Up the Lake

 Written by    December 12, 2019

Back in my sophomore year, I posted about going to Light Up North Area, an annual holiday event put on by Ohio Staters, one of Ohio State’s oldest student groups. What I didn’t mention in that post was that the event was only on north campus for two years while Mirror Lake was undergoing renovation. This was the second year that Light Up the Lake (its usual name) was in the original location, and I went to take in what I had heard since freshman year was one of the best shows Ohio State puts on.

Immediately after walking to Browning Amphitheater, I got an Insomnia Cookie and a cup of hot chocolate to keep myself warm while I waited for the performances to start. Since Light Up the Lake happened to fall on National Cookie Day (possibly the most important of all of the winter holidays), I felt I had no choice but to partake in the day’s celebration.

The performances that night were mostly a wide variety of a capella singers and dance teams. By far the most impressive group, however, was the Ohio State Jump Rope Club. When they came on stage, my only thought was “We have a jump rope club?,” but their six minutes of twisting, turning, and jumping rope while sitting down (really) garnered the loudest cheers and even a few standing ovations.

The event ended with everyone making a circle around Mirror Lake and singing Carmen Ohio with our phones acting as the only lights. The moment we sang the last line and spelled O-H-I-O, more than 60,000 lights circling the lake, Pomerene Hall and the rest of the area turned on, emitting a set of oohs and ahhs even greater than the ones during the Jump Rope Club’s act.

Mirror Lake and its surroundings all lit up. Photo credit: Ohio Staters

I was glad to see for myself that Light Up the Lake was even better in the place it started (even if it meant I had a longer walk back home on a frigid night).

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