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Busy weekends+weeks are oh so fun ;)

 Written by    March 12, 2011

This past weekend was pretty packed. From volunteering on friday at a Women and Minority engineering event, seeing Spring Awakening with my friend (put on by OSU theatre), volunteering with a SWE event doing outreach with 10-year-old girl scouts (I was never a girl scout, but I can definitely respect the cookies! Tagalongs are the best!)

an interview for the Bucket and Dipper junior honorary, and a valiant attempt at attending gallery hop(the arts and cultural event that happens in the short north on the first saturday of each month), despite the heavy rains, and I haven’t even mentioned sunday yet!

Sunday, I worked in the computer lab for a few hours before meeting with my Design 200 design group for our final project which was due this wednesday.

It was quite an exciting weekend with good foods, good friends, and good fun, and lots of rain!
I love doing outreach with Women in Engineering and Society of Women Engineers because it is a nice change from the daily grind and reminds you why you do what you do, If you’ve forgotten, or just need reminding.

It was especially rewarding when talking to one of the minority prospective students on Friday, who wasn’t sure which major to choose and he told  me that what I told him was actually helpful. I was both proud that by being at that event, I may have helped someone find what they really want to do. though slightly offended that he didn’t expect me to be helpful!

This week has been fun too!

I’m finally using machines at  my job (bandsaw, manual mill, waterjet) and it’s super rewarding to get my hands dirty and make something after planning and making dimensioned drawings all quarter long…

An image of a piece I made from the water jet machine

I attended a SWE member appreciation dinner where I got to hang out with some of my fellow women engineers and just unwind for an hour of a busy week.

Thursday, that was GAGA!

It was incredibly fun to dress up all crazy with friends and see Lady Gaga in concert at the Schott. Although, for half of the concert I thought I had lost my wristlet which dampened the mood a little, until after the concert when my friend found it under the seat in front of me.

(the sad thing was that I wasn’t concerned about the little cash that I had, or my debit card or anything, I was just concerned about my buck ID and being able to swipe into Scott Lab to study for finals!)

Coming soon: Studying for finals, and deciding on colleges

Fun Fact:

Lady Gaga is 24 years old (Who knew? I never thought ‘Mama Monster’ had an age?)


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  1. Avatar Lily says:

    Oh wow, Lady Gaga is so young! Have you ever seen videos of her before she became Lady Gaga? She was pretty strangely normal. =P

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