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It a jungle out there…

 Written by    March 9, 2011

Actually, it’s just raining. But the rain is insistent, persistent and consistent and my umbrella is unreliable. I danced with my umbrella to and from class. It flipped up and out and guarded me only slightly from the wind. The rain, however, made its way underneath and drenched my clothes. My blue polka dotted umbrella is cute, but it does little when faced with a windy week ten rainstorm.

That’s right, I said it—week ten. I made it. As my roommate, Nicole, put it this morning, “this is our last last Wednesday of a winter quarter.” Despite the rain, it was a good one. I found myself appreciating simple things more than I have ever—completing a class, a delicious cup of tea. Today I rocked it out in my modern technique class, made it through my last pilates class (probably my last ever,) finished a dance I’ve been making, met with friends and was cleared to wear my contacts again (long story, but yay.)  Veni, vidi, vici.

I feel like my life should have theme music. I’m thinking Mika’s Love Today. I can imagine it making the sun shine brighter. Or maybe I’ll just get this bubble umbrella I found on Target.com. It’s yellow and is guaranteed to not flip. If not the sun brighter, then my clothes drier.

I have two days more of winter quarter and they promise rain. I’ve been imagining spring quarter and walks in the sun. I changed my computer wallpaper to a blossoming tree that I found on The Oval last spring. I have two more days to get everything in order. I want to be ready for the last ten weeks of my undergraduate experience. I have two more days to enjoy the madness of winter quarter, just two more days.


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