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Crazy Finals!

 Written by    March 11, 2011

All of you must have realized, but next week is FINALS WEEK!!!!!!!!

We have finals every quarter, and it is the same every quarter. We have exams from Monday to Thursday of that week. If you are lucky then you will be done with your finals before Thursday, and in the worst case scenario you will have that ONE annoying exam on Thursday at 5:30pm in the evening, when you see the rest of the university out partying!!!

So, I live with 3 other guys in my house. I am Business major, two of them are Engineering majors and one of them is a Communications major. So, my engineering room mate will be A, the second engineering roommate would be B, the third communications roommate would be C and I will be D. And, the general scene at my house during is as follows: (I will attach one Video after every day that was watched during the week!!)

Saturday before Finals week: All four of us are sitting in the common room downstairs, with our laptops doing everything but studying. Then A would suddenly get up and make coffee, screaming on top of his voice about how he has not studied anything and he is not ready for the finals. This would scare B and he too will start talking gibberish, which C and D will sit on the couch staring at their laptops and laugh and the insanity of the two engineering majors. This will continue till late at night around 3am before everyone heads to bed.

Sunday before Finals week: D would get up at 12 noon, realize that he has slept too much and needs to start studying. So he gets out of bed and goes around knocking of everyone’s doors waking them up. But today instead of studying in the common room, we all sit in our own bedrooms and pretend to study. But as soon as someone comes to check up on you, you stop watching what ever that you are watching and pull out your notes and start skimming through them. This will go on till around 8 in the evening.  After dinner, everyone is serious; everyone is in their room studying. Everyone has their phones out and is texting each other, even though we live in the same house. At around 4 in the morning D will text the other 3, when they will be sleeping or waking up in the morning as D has an exam at 10:30am. So to that, A and B say that they will not be sleeping and will wake him for his exam. D sleeps while the other 3 are studying.


Monday of Finals week: A, B and C have not slept the entire night. D had 2 of his exams, while C has 3 of his exams and he is done for the quarter. After his exams are done, C sleeps from 4 in the evening till Tuesday morning. The other 3 are studying the entire day. Now, A and B are sleeping for 3 hours and D will wake them up so that they can study too. All 3 of them are awake for entire night again!


Tuesday of Finals week: D is done with his finals too, and has come home and gone to sleep. A and B are still studying and have 1 exam on Wednesday and 1 on Thursday. Even though C and D are done with their exams they are not allowed to listen to music, or watch a movie, or make loud noises if they know what is good for them. And if they do they will be beaten up by the other 2 in the dead of the night. So C and D feeling bad and still having sadistic pleasures seeing the other 2 studying are awake the entire night to give them company.


Wednesday of Finals week: It’s the same process as Tuesday all over again, but today the mood is lighter and people are happier. Everyone is more relaxed and calmed and the “Finals Fever” is going down. But studying is still taking place in full blast.


Thursday of Finals week: Everyone is done with their finals, but no one has the energy to do anything, the house is locked, the 4 residents are in their beds and fast asleep. No one will see them till Friday morning now.

This will be first time in 4 days that the house is asleep, as there would be someone or the other awake studying during the entire week of Finals.

And during this week the consumption of supplies are as follows:

Coffee: At least 5 cups of coffee per person per day

Tea: At least 3 cups per person per day

Milk: 6 gallons in 4 days

Food: All the closets are empty and we have to go shopping

Ordering in: Spent at least $30 per person in 4 days

Shower: 3 time per person per day

5 hour energy shots: NONE!!!!

Sleep: Not more than 2 hours per person per day

Now that all of that is done! IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!!!

Have a good spring break all!!!!


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  1. Avatar Anthony says:

    Your apartment works very well together. I like that!

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