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my unproductive and sedentary day

 Written by    March 13, 2011

But first, here is a cake which looks like Pac Man:

Having survived my day of death this past Friday, which was really just a day of mild discomfort and plenty of green tea, I’m now without a single due date or major obligation until Thursday at 3:30. And it’s physics. And physics is my least favorite subject and well…

That’s what lad me to eating an entire Chipotle burrito for lunch and then doing nothing but sitting on my couch watching UNC defeat Clemson, Glee, and old marching band videos all afternoon. I came to my friend’s house ostensibly to “study” but really I’ve just been uploading photos to facebook, answering emails, chatting and being lazy.

And what does the Pac Man shaped cake picture, snapped at my friend’s birthday dinner at Carfagna’s Kitchen this past Monday, have to do with all this? Really nothing. But I thought it looked cool!


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  1. Avatar Anthony says:

    Of course, your least favorite class will have you wait until Thursday to take the final. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

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