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Late Night Discoveries

 Written by    March 13, 2011

Recent Brilliant Intellectual Achievements:

1.) I came across a secret, quiet, and relatively deserted area of Thompson Library! AND on the weekend before finals!! I’d be texting all my friends to brag about my cleverness, except then it wouldn’t be secret anymore. It would be much louder, I would be hopelessly distracted, and then I could forget about getting anything done. Alas.

But here’s a sneak peek–try to find it yourself! (Forgive the photo’s poor quality–I took this shot with my phone!)

Perfect in every way--empty, comfy chairs, quiet, cheery, and elegantly historic. Can't you just SEE the silence? I feel productive already.

I’m one of those people who works best in complete silence, which is rough because my apartment is so small. So what I’ve started doing is listening to classical music stations on Pandora. (I hope I’ll get smarter through osmosis.) It blocks out the noise from my roommates talking on the phone or watching TV or something, but it doesn’t distract me like a catchy jam from my favorite iPod playlist would (because I’d probably start singing along….), partially because there are no lyrics, I think. Anyway, www.pandora.com is free and easy, and it’s definitely saved me from trekking out to the Union or a library in the middle of a blizzard or thunderstorm to get some peace and quiet.  Tschaikovsky, you are the man.

2.) If you are hungry enough, and the cafes in the libraries are closed, you will resort to eating stale Cheez-Its and month-old chocolate….tomorrow, I’m bringing real food. And a lot more caffeine.

Now THIS is the kind of brain food I'm craving.

Happy studying!


3 Responses

  1. Avatar Ana says:

    Good luck!
    It’s really not as clever as I make it seem, because when I went in there one night during finals week, all the tables were full. BUT if you were to go in there on a typical day during the quarter, I bet it’d be empty!

  2. Avatar Anthony says:

    I have made it my new mission to find this secret spot in the Thompson Library.

    Picture related: http://images1.memegenerator.net/ImageMacro/4401462/Challenge-Accepted.jpg?imageSize=Medium&generatorName=Challenge-Accepted-HD-1

  3. Avatar Julia says:

    I’m totally with you on not being able to listen to certain types of music. There is this one song that I listen to that I can completely tune out and thus have listened to it ~165 times on repeat within the past year… (x~3mins =a really long time).

    Or white noise is another good option for blocking the annoying sounds of everyone else…

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