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Getting an Early Start to Spring Break

 Written by    March 20, 2011

By the end of Monday, I was finished with my finals. By Tuesday, I was at my house. While everyone was still in school studying and stressing over finals, I was at home not studying and not stressing over finals.


Song of the Week=Check Yo Self 2010 by Ice Cube


Spring break is here! After weeks upon weeks of that cold, heartless monster known as Winter and his distant relative, Winter Quarter, I can say that I once again made it out with my sanity, somehow. Actually,  I shouldn’t be so surprised, compared to the disaster last year, this Winter Quarter was a simple walk in the park. For one, my classes were rather enjoyable. Secondly, I got back into wrestling for what may be the last time depending on how this RA thing goes. Lastly (because thirdly sounds so pretentious),  I didn’t have any morning classes to worry about. This could be good or bad depending on who you are. I used to think that I was a morning person. Then college hit and I discovered that I was a night owl who refused to go to bed when he needed to. *Sigh* the things you learn about yourself in college.

I also learned that I have no idea what a healthy meal is

I also learned that I have no clue what a healthy meal is


So what’s in store for me for Spring Break? A road trip to New York? A visit to a foreign country? Some wacky adventures in Miami Beach, Florida? Nope. Not a single one of those. Instead, I will be spending spring break the way I spend just about all of my vacations: At home doing nothing of the exciting sort of thing. Yes, I have almost two full weeks to do whatever and managed to plan nothing. I should really get better at this whole planning thing. That, or find friends who can plan well (I’m thinking the latter is easier).

I shouldn’t say that it’s been a total disaster yet though—I did visit my old high school and saw a couple of my old teachers. I also played an electric guitar for the first time! That guitar riff from Smoke on the Water? I so have that down (with a whammy, if I may add). Also, the NCAA Basketball tournament is going on at this very moment. This is literally the only time of the year that I watch basketball–the only reason I care about this is because I always have fun guessing my way when making my bracket. Oh, and Ohio State is definitely the best team in the nation right now and has a great shot at winning this thing… which I totally have them doing!

The rest of my bracket is nothing but a complete disaster

The rest of my bracket is nothing but a complete disaster

 My goal is, by the end of the week, to have finished this book I’m reading called You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News. It’s from Cracked.com which also happens to be one of my favorite websites. If there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s having my childhood ruined while simultaneously learning how terrifying the world can really be.

Reading a book and watching basketball counts as doing something productive, right?

Lesson Learned: Next time, plan something!


O-H! I-O!

This seems oddly familiar to last year’s Spring Break. Check it out in Spring Sleeping

While you’re still getting acquainted with the new site, feel free to get (re)acquainted with me!


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