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Things Spring Break Is Good For

 Written by    March 20, 2011

While thousands of college students have fled south for sun and surf, I’ve taken the opposite route, driving north and going home. This doesn’t bother me a bit. I’ve been looking forward to it for probably about two weeks now. I NEED to see my Susie, first of all. Second, although most of my friends go to other schools and are therefore on semesters, our spring breaks overlap for that one weekend and it’s a happy, albeit short, reunion. For the rest of the break, though, it’s a weird state of limbo. It’s too short to go back to your old job at home, for one thing. Also too short to take an exciting road trip to visit friends and family somewhere, like Toronto or Pittsburgh or Chicago. By the time you get there, you can’t really stay and enjoy it for very long, because you have to road trip back home, too. Such things are better left for summer vacations, anyway. I’m quite content to just relax and recoup for Spring Quarter, which, as enjoyable as it is, is also a very long quarter. (For the record, I recommend taking a lighter course load during Spring Quarter, because with the nice weather and a lot to do around campus, you’ll find it very hard to sit in one place and spend a lot of time studying.)

So, for your enjoyment, I’ve compiled the following list of things I plan on doing over the next week that might also inspire you to enjoy your break to the fullest:

1. Getting LOST.

Ever since the first season, I’ve been a hopeless Lostie. With that said, when the last episode aired last year, it was bittersweet. Mostly bitter. But at least SOME answers were given. Not that there still aren’t nagging questions. There are. But the end of a series like that, the kind that kept people on the edge of their couches week after week, it’s almost like losing a friend. One that you can go back to via DVD, yes, but still. It’s just not the same. The suspense, the thrills, the frustrations, laughing at Sawyer’s ridiculous nicknames for people, wondering who Kate will decide she’s in love with, what snippet of wisdom Hurley will grace us with this week–that novelty’s gone. But it’s something that you can go back to over again, too, like a familiar old friend. Why do people like watching their favorite movies over and over again? For the same reason, I think–familiar things are comforting.

So this week, I plan on catching up on episodes I missed during LOST‘s last year, which aired during my freshman year here at OSU. The problem was, I almost never watch TV at school because I just have no time. (Kudos to you if you do.) I got the sixth season on DVD this past Christmas, so I’m finally going to sit back and enjoy all that J.J. Abrams and Co. have to offer, now that I have the time to do so and no pesky exams to worry about.

2. March Madness

Don’t ask me why, but I get such enjoyment from filling out my bracket. Is it because I enjoy a bit of a gamble? Because I love it when I’m right? Because I love wings and nachos and the Buckeyes? Well, yes, all of the above. (Not to mention that it’s exciting to have the Bucks in Cleveland tonight against George Mason! Who knows, maybe one of our players will play for the Cavs someday?) However, the right half of my bracket is mostly trashed, seeing as I was expecting a bit more from UNC, Vanderbilt, St. Johns, Georgetown. I can’t even be grouchy for too long, because the game tonight will be so exciting. While I personally don’t have tickets, I’m sure there will be a full arena of crazy, screaming people painted scarlet and gray to cheer the team on.

Even if you’re not really into watching basketball, it’s not too late to fill our your own bracket! Here’s an updated one; just fill in the rest. It’s fun, I promise. Just try it:

3. Books That Are Not Assigned!

I like reading. I do. I promise. It’s just not fun when dozens of pages are assigned to you to read by, oh, I don’t know, like, tomorrow. I can read all the celebrity gossip magazines I want and hear the same details of William and Kate’s wedding over and over again. I can start the book of Hemingway short stories I’ve been meaning to crack open since last summer. And if I’m really in a couch potato mood, I could sneak in a slightly-trashy-but-very-addictive Jodi Picoult novel (honestly, all her books are basically the same, but that’s a rant for another time). If I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I can even try to bond with my sister and read fashion magazines with her, but I realize spring break is only a week long. I’m not expecting a miracle.

And while we’re on the topic of books, don’t forget to reserve textbooks for Spring Quarter! Or if you’re planning on ordering them online (I usually go with Amazon), you might want to have them shipped in 5-7 days, otherwise, you could be waiting for your books even after classes have already started.

4. Sweet, sweet slumber.

Sleep. Naps. Doing all the sleeping I wasn’t doing during finals week. It will be glorious.


Even if it’s still 50 degrees, I don’t care. The sun is out! I shoved my winter coat in the closet! I went for a jog yesterday and it was wonderful; didn’t even need a sweatshirt. I can’t wait to take Susie around the block one of these mornings. Hope you get to spend some time outside too, it’d be a shame not to!

Don’t forget to tell me what exciting stuff you’ve been doing over your break! And of course, be safe and take care!

Listening to right now: Iron & Wine’s latest album Kiss Each Other Clean–very good stuff!

Loving right now: THE SUN. IT IS BEAUTIFUL.

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  1. Avatar Chintan says:

    I like the part about the reading and slumber!!! I love doing that too!!

  2. Avatar Ana says:

    Haha Lily, that’s the official bracket! Not my personal one 🙂 (And of course I have Bucks in the final four in mine!)

  3. Avatar Lily says:

    Wow, I like how your bracket conveniently omits the final four and championship teams…c’mon, who do you think will win? 🙂

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