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Anderson Cooper! and the zoo

 Written by    June 2, 2012

And in other words, it was my last week of undergrad classes ever, phew!

I’m actually not that exhausted by the whole thing–I feel really energized and ready for a relatively exam-light and friends-heavy finals week. But first, a recap of this week!

Monday was Memorial Day, and my poetry writing teacher got a grant to take us all to the zoo, which is where that lion photo was taken.

Here’s a really sweet picture of a manta ray pressed up against the side of an aquarium tank, eating lettuce.

I love how wrinkly his skin is between his nostrils. =D

And other super fun happening of the week was a visit by CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper.

Easily one of my favorite campus events ever. Not only was he inspiring and fascinating to listen to–I was so inspired by many of my classmates’ questions as well as their interest in the event.

He’s just one of those people who makes you want to go out and change the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

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