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Which residence hall should I choose?

 Written by    April 9, 2011

Several high school friends have asked me for input as to residence hall selection, so I thought I’d write a guide about the different housing options Ohio State has for your convenience. 🙂

First: Your major/where your classes will be
Housing at Ohio State is divided into South, West, and North. Depending on your major, different areas will be convenient for you. Generally, students majoring in business, architecture, English, chemistry/physics, and engineering will have most l of their classes on North Campus. Those in science majors will spend time on both North and South Campus due to chemistry and biology respectively. Psychology and music/arts majors will be on South Campus for the most part.

That said, there are other factors (and other majors I haven’t included) to consider: if you’re planning on working part time in a medical school research lab (highly recommend for pre-health/bio majors), West Campus can be very convenient. If you’re an exercise junkie, West Campus can also be helpful.

Second: What is your residence hall to you?
This is a great resource to check out the floor plans of various residence halls at Ohio State.  Just click around to get a picture of the floor plan. Anyway, the way the rooms are set up does a lot for how good of a fit each residence hall is for studying, socializing, etc. Generally, if you’re looking for a social atmosphere the South Campus halls are better because bathrooms are communal and in the hallways as opposed to private and in each room (I know, right…weird but true). If you’re more concerned about your studies, North or West Campus would suit you better. This areas have separate rooms for studying and sleeping while South Campus has everything in one big room.

Also, I’d like to make a plug for air conditioning: all North and West Campus halls have A/C. You might *think* you don’t need A/C, but well… it gets pretty toasty in May/June, especially if you’re on the upper floors.

Third: My own suggestions/random tips
For example, for a freshman biology major my choices would be: (1) Morrison (2) Blackburn (3) Siebert (4) Mack

  • If you’re an honors student, I highly recommend living in an Honors living/learning community.
  • Lincoln/Morrill and Lane Avenue Residence Hall are really far away from almost everything and everyone
  • Don’t bother applying for Neil Avenue, Worthington, Neilwood Gables, or Drackett. As of right now (2011), freshmen do not get into those halls.

And of course I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. 🙂 Just comment below!


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  1. Lily says:

    Hmm, I would recommend applying for Morrison if you can– it’s the only south campus freshman dorm that has A/C. If you can’t get into that, try applying for the lower floors and the end-of-hallway rooms in the other freshman towers because they have 2 windows and can give you a nice crosswind. But yeah I don’t think window A/C units are allowed– only fans. Sorry! 🙁

  2. Drew says:

    I’m coming in as a freshman next year as a Food Science major. In the South campus dorms w/o air conditioning, are you allowed to have window a/c units or just fans? I thought I visited a friend on South campus who had a window unit. I want the social aspect and bigger rooms of South campus but I’m concerned about the heat. Your suggestions?

  3. Julia says:

    I’ve lived on both South and North and have had good experiences for both. Freshman year I lived in Siebert and currently I live in Drackett (which is an upper class-men dorm… but will next year be full of freshmen)

    As an engineering or business student, you may have a slightly longer walk to class (maybe 10 mins instead of 5) if you’re living on south, but living on north, I’ve been noticing that I haven’t found the time to enjoy the oval or mirror lake or other great things that south/central campus has to offer now that I live and take classes on North and hardly ever have to cross the oval.

  4. SynD says:

    I’m a freshman and I current live in Haverfield House, on North Campus, and I must say its THEE most location-strategic dorm in all of OSU.

    North campus is really close to most classes for me, being an Engineering pre-major. I’ve to run to Hitchcock Hall, McPherson, Caldwell and whatnot, and this area is close enough that they’re all less than 10 minutes away!

    Besides that, North Campus has good ol’ North Commons, Fresh Express and Burritos Noches – three of the most “popular” places to eat on campus. Even South campus students come up North to eat every day – especially if you have the Traditional meal plan. Burritos Noches is also one of the places you can still find food up to 2am too!

    I also frequent the SEL pretty often either to study or to rush that last minute report till 3am so I’m pretty glad that my dorm is only a block away from it. I don’t have to walk very far or through sketchy areas at night to get home.

    Definitely pick the North Dorms if you’re an Engineering or Science major!

  5. Anthony says:

    I’ve lived in Morrill Tower for the past two years. As someone who’s lived on West Campus, I feel obliged to give my input as well.

    I can say that the West Campus Dorms (Morrill and Lincoln Tower) are great. The room temperatures can be adjusted, your room actually has two rooms (a “study room” and a “bedroom”), you have a living room totally seperate from your dorm room, Morrill Tower has it’s own dining hall so you don’t have to make any trips in the winter, and the elevators are really fast.

    The only problem would be the commute to classes. I find that it’s still faster to walk to the classes towards North Campus than you would if you lived in south campus and vice-versa. You are also really close to the RPAC, Library, and Stadium (if you are interested in going to the football games).

    However, if I had to pick a second choice, I would say North Campus, which is where I’m going to live next year if I don’t get the RA position. I like the way the rooms are set up (a study room and a bedroom).

  6. Lily says:

    Great question. While it’s true that south campus dorms can be rowdier than north campus ones, I think Morrison (home of the International House) is actually a fine place to study– I’m guessing because of the heavy concentration of international students paying 5 arms and 8 legs for tuition and therefore very focused on their academics. 😛 I would highly recommend that if you want a great environment to learn about different cultures!

  7. Ana says:

    I lived in Lincoln my freshman year, and after the first few days, it didn’t seem much farther away than anything else. Plus, there’s a bus stop at the Drake, which is right at the bottom of the towers. I LOVED the A/C there, and the separate bedrooms and study rooms are life-savers. Just make sure you get a double, instead of a quad.

  8. Michelle says:

    I have a question about learning communities. I plan on double/dual majoring in Spanish and Linguistics and I was thinking about getting involved with either MUNDO or International House learning communities, which are both on south campus. But I don’t know which one I should choose, if either. Thoughts? Also, a lot of people have told me that south campus is very rowdy, and I plan on doing a fair share of studying, should I avoid south if I plan on actually being studious?

  9. Ryan (a different one) says:

    Drackett will be all freshmen next year! Definitely look into that if you’re looking for a place on North campus with maybe a little more excitement. It’s the first time that freshman are living there, so I don’t know what the environment will be like yet, but I think it would be a good choice. Personally though, I think Taylor’s where it’s at! 😉

  10. Ryan says:

    I second the recommendation for Blackburn. I spent a quarter there and I loved it. It’s one of the closest dorms to classes, and it’s a very social hall. Great blog post =)

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