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The Final Schedule

 Written by    October 31, 2012

The sad news is that this is the last time that I’ll be scheduling for classes at Ohio State. The good news is that this is the last time I have to put up with scheduling.


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For those that regularly read the Buckeyes Blog, you may have noticed the name “Anthony” that sits on the blog roll. The most dedicated of readers will be able to point out that Anthony will occasionally contribute long-winded content in a failed attempt to mask the irregularity of it all. He also speaks in the third person occasionally.

He is also me

He is also me

For all of you young whipper-snappers out there, I’ve been with this blog for the last four years—starting the summer before my freshman year. Back then, gas was only $3 a gallon, Steelers were the defending world champs, and Jim Tressel was still the head football coach. Time flies, I know. But I did not come here today to say goodbye and bid you all farewell. Nor did I come here today to announce my retirement from blogging (I prefer to drop it on you at the last possible moment).

No, I came here today to announce to you that I am currently in the final stages of putting together my final schedule. Perhaps this requires a little bit of context for those unfamiliar with the process of scheduling for college courses.

For those unfamiliar with the process, scheduling is that one–four times a year where all of your hard work, patients, and careful planning get shot down leaving you to pick up the pieces, presumably after curling up in a ball (like me). Scheduling for courses has more research with a bigger disappointment than shopping for a used car and lasts about the same amount of time before you need to do it again.

Anyone who's  invested over a grand in repairs knows what I mean!

Anyone who’s  invested over a grand in repairs , knows what I mean!

But this isn’t about scheduling classes, it’s all about me (and scheduling, I guess). It kind of feels weird knowing that I’m not going to be doing this again; almost like I’m entitled to a smooth scheduling process, but knowing that I’m not going to get one. In fact, three of the four classes I’m going to be taking are required for either my major or my minor. This leaves me with one class that I can take just to take classes. I’m thinking a film class, but I’m open to anything at this point.

My other classes include a required Strat Comm major course which I assume is supposed to be tough given almost every full-time course is 3 credit-hours and this one is 4; a poetry course; and an intermediate fiction writing course which I’m deciding to tell everyone now because knowing that means there’s a possibility that my blogs from the last four years could have been one, long, made up story including this one right here!

HA! Now they'll never know for sure!

HA! Now they’ll never know for sure!

Either way, with any luck, I’ll be able to avoid those morning classes, which, despite what everyone says, aren’t all that bad except for the fact that I don’t go to bed on time like I’m supposed to and it kind of makes staying awake difficult which is never a good thing when you’re sitting right in the front. I could just go to bed at a set time every night, but I’ve gone 3.5 years doing the exact opposite of that every day and I refuse to become responsible until I graduate and society dictates that I do so.

Your move, schedule.


Lesson Learned: Schedule as early as possible!


O-H! I-O!


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