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Exciting announcements

 Written by    November 13, 2012

These past few weeks were crazy productive. And hectic. but here are some of the highlights that I can share…

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So, I finally made a decision. Well, technically I made it a while ago, but held off, officially, so that I wouldn’t get judged by companies or have to explain myself.

I decided to stop caring about that (so freeing!).

I officially declared my Theatre major on October 30th, where I was officially welcomed to the department. (Yay!).

I was also cast in an OSU Lab series production of “The Wedded Husband” by Hong Shen (If you google it, there’s not much about it, but it was written by an OSU alum in the early 1900s who is one of the most prominent people in modern theatre in China), and I’m super excited (since its my first OSU production as I only started auditioning this year).

I hung out in a fire department (I will definitely be describing this later, but in what class can you say that you hung out in a firehouse?

I also just voted in my first presidential election (albeit by mail, but exciting nonetheless).

Not only that, but I’m went to Vegas (!) and  just got back from Houston ( I was there from Wednesday through Sunday) for the national Society of Women Engineers conference (I went last year when it was in Chicago).

And it was Halloween! (although I didn’t do anything exciting that day, but I dressed up as a toddler in a tiara with a couple friends).

I have a lot of exciting things on the horizon, and I’m excited to be able to share it with y’all (the southern drawl is contagious 😉 )




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