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A Visit from The King’s Singers!

 Written by    November 5, 2012

As an intern at the Academy of Arts, not only do I get to learn everything in theater from lighting to costuming to set creation to acting to directing, but I also get to meet celebrities! And attend their concerts at the Logos Theater for free!

This past week, we were blessed at the Logos Theater to host the King’s Singers from London, England. The Academy of Arts was their second of eight stops on their US tour this year. One of their other stops is Carnegie Hall in New York.

The King’s Singers

The King’s Singers is a world-famous British men’s A Capella ensemble of six members. Each member must have at least a master’s degree in music, and must be personally invited to join by the other members of the group. You can find out more about them here: http://www.kingssingers.com/

Anyway, they got in Sunday night. Monday afternoon they arrived at the Logos Theater to teach a Master’s class to a local college choir, then rehearse for their performance that evening. They broke for dinner here at the Theater with our founder and his wife – Doctor and Mrs. Chavers, and director and his wife – Noah and Nicole Chavers Stratton.

Dinner with the Director

Their performance Monday night was largely attended by middle-aged and college-aged kids. They were a loud crowd with lots of spirit and vitality, and we got one encore. Tuesday night the King’s Singers performed their Friends ensemble again. It was attended mostly by elderly folks. However, we Acad kids decided to enact Mission: Encore. We whooped and hollered enough to get a first encore, then when they came back out to bow afterwards, we all raised an ENCORE sign (I held the letter N!) and got a second song!

The King’s Singers Having Fun During Their Rehearsal (Featuring Paul Pheonix)

After each concert, the King’s Singers held a meet and greet in the auditorium. I got to personally meet each of the six, and they each signed my letter N and my poster, and chatted a bit in their charming British accents about singing and their ensemble. After the Acad group picture, and packing to leave, they shook hands and passed out hugs (I was the recipient of one from Paul Pheonix!) and bid adieu.

Meeting David Hurley, King’s Singer since before I was born.

The next day, they posted this about their stay at the Logos Theater on their blog:

“Phew! It’s been a busy first few days on tour. South Carolina was as hospitable as ever and we had a great time meeting new people at the Academy of Arts – a special shout-out to Noah who made our time there very relaxed. The two performances went well in their beautiful Logos Theatre. The building seats only 400 people, but as we often say when asked about smaller venues, it’s incredible how intimate it can be singing to people in such a setting. You can really see faces, communicate with people and it can add to the performance. And after all, what’s a performance without communication?”

Group Photo after Performance Two


Photo 1: The King’s Singers 

Photos 2-5: The Academy of Arts

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