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Full Circle

 Written by    November 7, 2012

I know that  I take these personal 2-week to 2-month breaks from blogging and it must be pretty upsetting to be constantly ready for the upcoming adventures of Cameron in Buckeyeland, but I apologize and I try to make it worth it each time I post. SO here’s the first news,


Yeah that’s my hipster filter at my first buckeye football game. I can already hear the voices, “Aren’t you a second year and you’ve barely been to a football game?” Well here’s the thing, the myth about broke college students is true. We’re all broke, textbooks cost money, and I have to save the money I have from my non-existent income very carefully. But it was a great expereience, and I need to go to more and better games. (Not to say this game was bad, but my friends and I left early in the 3rd quarter because the score was 45-6.) So I was pretty secure in our victory.

And you’ll never guess what I did on monday night! I went to a success series! (I also know what you’re thinking, aren’t success series for first years?) You’re right, they are, but since I work with FYE, I got to present a speaker and be one of the people that help out. It was just weird speaking to these students and thinking I was in their exact same place this time last year.


And the most excited things are happening friday and saturday!! I’m giving my first campus tours! Well, ok, they’re half tours. And well ok, I’m a diveresity ambassador, so I won’t be getting paid for the tours, but I received the same training as university ambassadors, so its ok. But i’m pretty excited, like you have no idea!

It’s a pretty late blog post, but as I think about it, my life is starting to come pretty full circle. All the things that I was apart of last year, i’m hosting this year, and all the involvement I was in, in high school, I’m starting to do the same things here. Its just crazy, but amazing, and I know things are really working out for me, here, at THE Ohio State University.

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