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In Which I Watch V for Vendetta & Vote or Die Trying

 Written by    November 6, 2012

Um, happy belated Guy Fawkes Day?

As November 5 only comes once a year, my roommate Megan and I watched V for Vendetta last night, contributing to our steady progress through my movie list.  So far we’ve watched 22% of it, making the best of our precious college free time to educate ourselves on quality cinema.  I asked Megan if she was impressed that I knew how to calculate the percentage of movies we’d watched.  She wasn’t.   It was a long shot, I guess, even without her being a physics major.   On the bright side, I added vendetta to my favorite word list.


Fast forward to today at the Newman Center where I was in line to vote.  Simple enough, one would think.  Not as such.  About halfway through the line, I started feeling dizzy, and knew I was seconds away from fainting.  I ran out of the line and plopped onto the floor, seeing for the first time in my life actual stars floating in front of my eyes.  After spending some quality time with the floor though still feeling shivery and faint, I got up and got back in line again, only to have the feeling return.  But I was not going to leave this time, no way.  So, for the next twenty minutes, I most likely attracted several stares as I fidgeted around, leaned against columns, and made finicky faces, as I concentrated on maintaining my beloved consciousness until I finally found myself, for the very first time, voting, and getting one of those beautifully pretentious cute little stickers.




Though, I was really only half successful in my attempt to be a super-citizen today, because I had to cancel my blood donation appointment for the OSU vs. Michigan Blood Battle given my mystery dizziness and subsequent temperature spike.


So, back to the Student Health Center tomorrow.  Good thing I don’t have morning classes on Wednesdays.


Rude Awakening:  I have obscene amounts of ‘blocks’ left, aka the semester version of swipes for campus dining.  Seriously, hunt me down and make me buy you dinner!!  You’re doing me a favor.


Pleasant Surprise:  In all honesty, I was grateful that Ohio State did so much to facilitate student voting.  Although I’m from Houston, I chose not to vote absentee, and OSU was great in demystifying the whole process for students like me.


In firm friendship,


Julia Rose S.

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