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Crunch Time: Law School Applications

 Written by    November 7, 2012

After senior year of high school, I completely forgot what a trainwreck that fall semester was when I was applying to colleges. All that is coming back to me now that, four years later, I’m applying to schools…again. But this time, it’s law school. Which is scary. Scarier, I should say.

LSAT: check. I took it in June.

Resume: check. ALWAYS keep your resume updated.

Letters of Recommendation: Almost-check. I’m meeting with professors next week to discuss them.

Transcripts: check. They’re on their way to the centralized application service.

Personal statement: NOT CHECK AT ALL. I have absolutely no idea what I’ll write about. You’re supposed to keep it positive, but other than that, there are no guidelines. WHAT THE HECK DO I WRITE ABOUT!??! I’m just not even going to let myself stress about it until I have my letters of recommendation all set up (which gives me another week or two, tops). My goal is to have my applications complete by the time 2012 is over.

The biggest question is: where do I apply? As much as I’d love to get a law degree abroad, in countries outside the US, attorneys usually begin their legal studies in undergrad. I could always pursue a diploma in law or an LLM (Master’s of Law) abroad, after I finish my J.D. here in the US.

Most people apply to 8 or 9 law schools. So far, I’m definitely applying to (as in, currently in the process of doing so): Ohio State, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Marshall, and American University. I’m pretty sure I’ll also be applying to: Boston University, Boston College, George Washington University, and University of California: Irvine. Others I’m thinking of applying to, but need to learn more about, are: University of Minnesota, Arizona State University, University of California: Davis, William and Mary, University of Maryland, George Mason University, Loyola (Los Angeles), and University of Florida.

I’m tempted to return to Cleveland, where I could save LOTS of money by commuting and living at home. (Law school sure isn’t cheap.) But I’d also like to head east. It’ll all depend on where I’m accepted, and which schools offer me some sort of financial aid, such as a scholarship or grant.

Wish me luck!



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  1. Marquita says:

    Good luck, and don’t stress out too much!

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